Letter: Top seven reasons to vote for Nicole Klauss

To the Editor:

Nicole Klauss is running for Ellensburg City Council, Position 7, but you probably already know this. Rather use superfluous language to make a convincing argument that Klauss is, indeed, the most qualified candidate for this position, I thought I would provide a “Top 7 Reasons Why A Human Should Vote for Nicole Klauss” list, which you will have to choose to believe is true, since I won’t be providing evidence to support my claims.

Here is the list:

1. Klauss is a closer — she gets stuff done as efficiently as possible.

2. She is incredibly smart and detail oriented.

3. She questions everything, especially if the idea is incongruous with the purpose.

4. Klauss is more organized than humanly possible.

5. She is a stickler for following the rules but is willing to challenge the merits when necessary.

6. She can equally voice her opinion with clarity as well as listen intently for better understanding.

7. Klauss is deeply familiar with the issues facing our city — she was at nearly every City Council meeting for two years while working as a reporter and as a currently appointed council member; suffice it to say, she is probably one of the more informed citizens in the city.

8. Bonus Reason: Nicole Klauss has enthusiasm and a desire to serve our community. Her selfless ambition to improve the status quo and preserve the attributes of what makes Ellensburg great, compounded with the aforementioned seven reasons, should make her an obvious choice for eligible voters to use a black or blue ink pen and completely fill in the box next to her name when ballots are mailed out on or around Oct. 17, which are then due by Nov. 7 at 8 p.m.

Jared Vallejo


Letter: Nicole Klauss is invested in serving the community

To the Editor:

I am writing to encourage the people of Ellensburg to consider Nicole Klauss for City Council.

Nicole is an engaged citizen whose involvement in Ellensburg continues to make an impact on the community. Nicole has proven time and time again that she is invested in the people of Ellensburg. From her years of active reporting for the Daily Record, to her community service as part of the Rodeo City Rollergirls, to her time as an interim city council member, Nicole has never missed an opportunity to get involved with her neighbors.

I have had the privilege of working side by side with Nicole at numerous community fundraisers, three Habitat for Humanity builds, a multitude of local events, and even on the roller derby track. I am confident that Nicole will bring her passion for community and building local relationships to the Ellensburg City Council.

A vote for Nicole Klauss is a vote for our community.

Carly Clark



Letter: Nicole Klauss is well qualified to serve on City Council

To the Editor:

I’m writing to encourage readers to vote for Nicole Klauss for Ellensburg City Council Position 7. The reasons are simple and pretty straight forward.

Ask yourself this — what do you want in a council member?

As a long time resident of Ellensburg, I want someone with experience, someone with knowledge of how the council operates, and someone committed to this great community that we all call home.

Nicole very easily qualifies. Between her current appointed position, and the time covering the council as a reporter, she’s gained that knowledge and experience needed to help drive positive change. She’s an active, dedicated and committed member of the community, so I’ll be voting for Nicole for Position 7, and I encourage you to do the same!

Rick Olson


Letter: Nicole Klauss is the right person to serve on City Council

To the Editor:

Nicole Klauss is someone that Ellensburg would be proud to call a city council member. She cares about her city and understands how important it is to have people that are dedicated to the cause they represent.

Seeing her working with the community through her job, her social life, and now with the council, I see just what she stands for and how much she greatly appreciates those around her. When I think of who a city council member should be I picture her. When she believes in something she puts all of herself into it and with the growing population of Ellensburg and the varying issues that come around, she is the type of person that will come with new ideas and an open mind.

Nicole Klauss is the woman for this job and there is no doubt in my mind that she do great things for Ellensburg residents and the city she represents.

Kelsey Chappelle


Letter: Nicole Klauss will make a difference on City Council

To the Editor:

I am writing to encourage you to vote for Nicole Klauss for Ellensburg City Council.

I have known Nicole since she moved to Ellensburg 3 1/2 years ago. One of the first things she did was join the Rodeo City Rollergirls, so she could meet people in the community while challenging herself. In less than a year she was appointed to the team’s board of directors. Since then, she has proven her dedication and work ethic to the team time and time again, and has helped strengthen our relationships with the community.

Nicole has been a driving force in the success of our team, displaying her organizational capacity and reliability as our public relations officer. I have absolutely no doubt that Nicole will work just as tirelessly as a member of the Ellensburg City Council as she has as a volunteer for our organization.

The current council appointed Nicole to fill the interim position in May, which shows their belief that she is a good fit for the position. Give her a chance to prove herself and make a difference by electing her to serve a two-year term. Her passion for community and her range of professional skills will enable her to ensure Ellensburg is a strong vibrant community.

I’m voting for Nicole Klauss and I hope you will, too.

Dovie Sigle

President of Rodeo City Rollergirls, Ellensburg

Letter: Nicole Klauss is well qualified to serve on City Council

To the Editor:

I am writing in regards to the current open city council position and why Nicole Klauss is an experienced choice for the position. It is important for the those in leadership positions in our community to have experience, be actively involved and have the dedication to continuously improve the place we call home. Klauss ranks high in all of these categories, which is why she is the one we need for future of our community.

Klauss is currently on the city council in an appointed position. Prior to having a spot on the council, she attended meetings as a reporter with the Daily Record, which has allowed her to be current on what is going within the community. She not only has experience in a leadership role on the city council, but also on the board of directors for Rodeo City Rollergirls — a local nonprofit organization. In her role as public relations officer, she is constantly working with people throughout the community.

Dedication and organization are important traits for a leader in the community to have. Klauss has proved that she has these traits in the time and commitment she has already given to our community. Everything she does is well thought out, efficient and organized. Klauss also is a candidate that cares what the community has to say. She will listen and take in what is brought to her attention. This is something I find important and what I want from a city council member.

If elected for the city council position, I am confident that Nicole Klauss will not disappoint.

Alicia Wagner